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Consultancy Service Coordination Directorate

The Training and Consultancy Division (TCD), which is one of the structural organization wings of the university, has played a significant role in building the capacity of public sectors through short term training programs and consultancy services since its establishment. The training and consultancy wing has been providing the training and consultancy services through its four training and consultancy centers and three directorates that include Center for Policy, Leadership and Human Resource Training and Consultancy; Center for Public Financial Management Training and Consultancy; Center for Urban Management and Transformation Training and Consultancy; Center for Cross-cutting Issues Training and Consultancy (Gender and Development Unit; HIV/AIDS Management Unit; Disability Affairs Unit); Consultancy Coordination Directorate; Training Coordination Directorate; and Training Facilities and Hospitality Services Coordination Directorate. Various trainings and consultancy services have been offered to the public servants from the institutions of Federal and Regional States, and City Governments of the Country at different levels.

Now, the University recognizes that demand for consultancy services is increasing as a result of government policy environment and drive for smooth and integrated development. To address and give focus to the growing demands of the public sectors,  the consultancy services was departed from training and consultancy coordination directorate to consultancy coordination directorate (CCD). The CCD will mainly focus on the developing customer-focused, comprehensive, and responsive consultancy services that contribute to the ongoing development of the country. The CCD strives to equip public servants with relevant practical skills that will empower them to optimally discharge their responsibilities. More specifically, the CCD aims at building the capacity of the public service at Federal, Regional and City Administration levels through consultancy services.

Consultancy Coordination Directorate (CCD) is the professional body representing ECSU. CCD helps its members start, grow and build sustainable consulting practices. CCD promotes excellence and ethics in the management consulting profession through its certification, education, and professional programs. The CCD has progressively been developing its position and strategy as the professional body for the consultancy profession. Consultants shall be selected from the centers and/or pertinent Colleges or institutions depending on their experiences in consultancy services, area and level of specialization, and special trainings and practices taken on consultancy.


CCD's vision is to become center of Excellence in providing consultancy services in Ethiopia through certifying competencies; building corporate awareness and emphasizing ethical behavior, so as to ensure that the profession is accepted, recognized, and respected as providing a valuable service to all categories of organizations in the public sectors by 2025.


 Provide the standard consultancy services while increasing the acceptance of management consulting as a respected profession, maintain global standards, encourage networking of management consultants and improve free flow of information and developing a greater cooperative spirit between nations and countries

Core Values:

  • Client focus
  • Commitment
  • Continuous learning
  • Participatory leadership  
  • Collaboration

Main Goals:

  • To create awareness about the consultancy profession amongst potential users;
  • To increase the understanding of consultancy's true role in the institutions;
  • To maintain networking with local, regional, national and international institutions;
  • To help ensure standards which will engender public confidence in the management consulting profession;
  • To encourage and promote the experts of management consultancy services
  • To assure the public that members possess the ethical standards and the professional competence and independence required for membership and are, therefore, qualified to practice;
  • To bring together those professionals who offer consultancy services in the field of consultancy services; and
  • To provide opportunities for consultants to improve their consulting skills through specialized training and career development programs.

Area of the consultancy Services

The consultancy services rendered by the University could be initiated either by the customers requesting the University to provide the services; or the University may initiate consultancy services in consultation with the concerned bodies. To deliver effective results, the University relies on process consultancy techniques by involving customers in all phases of the consultancy. In this regard, the University shall provide consultancy services, namely, Process or Strategic Consultancy, Expert or Negotiated Consultancy and Community Services Consultancy. The Reform Programs of the country is the pillars of programs, which consist of different packages, Particularly on Policy, Leadership and Human Resource Consultancy;  Public Financial Management Consultancy;  Urban Management and Transformation Consultancy; and Cross-cutting Issues Consultancy.  The methodology behind this approach is based on the core types of consultancy services within the consulting industry that mainly include:

  • Strategy Consultancy
  • Operations Consultancy
  • Management Consultancy
  • Financial Advisory Consultancy
  • Human Resource Consultancy
  • IT Consultancy
  • Risk & Compliance Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Business Consultancy
  • Environmental Consultancy
  • Software Consultancy
  • Sales Consultancy
  • Image Consultancy
  • Social Media Consultancy
  • Career Coaching & Consultancy



Daba Moti

Director, Consultancy Coordination Directorate


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