Cross-cutting Issues

Topic: Gender Advocacy and Lobbying Background: Despite the legal and institutional frameworks that promote women’s rights and gender equality in... Read More
Title: Gender Sensitive Research Methodology Background: As it has been long discussed by feminist and gender scholars, research methodology is... Read More
Topic: Gender and Development Background: Despite the long assumption that development is gender neutral, by now, the notion that gender matters in... Read More
Topic: Gender and Climate Change Background: Climate change poses a threat to human and physical environment. Although it is a global threat, its... Read More
Topic: Gender and Leadership Background:  Gaining contemporary knowledge and skills about leadership and people would enable leaders to transform... Read More
Topic: Gender Audit Background: Gender audit is a tool to understand to what extent gender related policies and their implementation are... Read More
Topic: Gender Responsive Budgeting (GRB) Background: Gender responsive budgeting is a tool to ensure that gender equality commitments are reflected... Read More
Training Topic: Gender Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation Objective:  To enable participants to monitor and evaluate progress and achievement of... Read More
Topic: International and National Legal Instruments of Women’s Rights Background: Gender inequality and violation of women’s rights have been... Read More
Topic: Gender Based Violence / Violence Against Women Background:    Despite growing understanding that Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is violation of... Read More
Topic: Gender Sensitive Project/Programme Cycle Background: To carry out effective and successful projects/programmes, considering gender remains... Read More
Training topic: Basics of HIV/AIDS Objective:            To equip participants with the necessary KSA& sensitize them with Basic facts of HIV/... Read More
Topic: Gender Analysis Background: Gender analysis is an important starting point for gender mainstreaming process and gender sensitisation of... Read More
Topic: Gender Mainstreaming Background: Following the Beijing Platform for Action and Declaration in 1995, gender mainstreaming has gain prominence... Read More
Topic: Decision Making Skill Background: Decision making is a process that involves choosing alternatives to take advantage of multiple opportunities... Read More
Topic: Workplace Communication and Assertiveness Background: Workplace communication is the way of creating meaningful interaction and the act of... Read More
Topic: Basic Concept of Gender Background: Gender is an important social stratification that significantly shapes the lived experiences of men and... Read More
Training Topic: Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) Objective:       To equip participants with the necessary KSA towards SRH issues Contents... Read More
Training Topic: Workplace HIV/AIDS Mainstreaming Objective:       To build the capacity of the participants in developing the KSA to mainstream HIV/... Read More
 Training Topic: Peer Education Objective:       To build the capacity of trainers of HIV & AIDS peer educators in designing and delivering a... Read More
Training Topic: Gender and HIV/AIDS Objective:            To equip participants with the necessary KSA towards Gender& its bisect relation with... Read More
 Training Topic: Life Skill & HIV/AIDS Objective:       To work on the individual skills that help participants to make healthier decisions about... Read More


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