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Overview GADU

Addressing gender inequality and empowering women has been one of the agenda of Ethiopian government by devising gender sensitive legal and policy frameworks and through practical implementation in different arenas. Ethiopian Civil Service University, in order to address gender inequality issues and brings change in the public and civil service sector, it made empowering women as one of its core values. Doing so, the University launched the Center for Women in Management in 2004 which is currently known as Gender and Development Unit (GADU). Currently, GADU engages in capacity building activities in three ways: offering trainings, rendering consultancy services and facilitating gender mainstreaming process in the University with special focus on different needs of female students and staff of the university.

Objective of the Unit

The main objective of the unit is to build the capacity of federal and regional public and civil sectors in collaboration with Women and/or Gender Machineries and within the University in relation to gender and other related issues. And also give consultancy service to government institutions/ organizations on demand.

Specifically, GADU’s activities include:

  • provision of short-term trainings on gender and gender-related issues for civil and public servants from the federal and regional states and some of the trainings include
  • rendering consultancy service on gender and development issues
  • conducting researches on gender and development related matters
  • deliver gender and life skill trainings for female and male students of the University in order to enable them question the underlining assumptions on gender issues of their context and easily adopt the academic environment,
  • provide the necessary support to female students and staff of the University to enhance their academic performance; with special attention to female students from emerging regions,
  • build the capacity of female and male workers of the University by providing trainings on issues pertaining to them,
  • be a focal point for promoting gender-sensitive policies, curriculum and systems in the University,

At present, GADU is rendering effective and efficient short-term training, research work, and consultancy services on gender and development issues. These services are usually tailored as per the demands and requests of customers.

The staffs of GADU are 

Full name                               

Office location                      


Telephone    Extension      


Bethlehem Melese                  

Main Campus

Block 6          

Room No 101        



Azeb Assefa                           

Block 6          

Room No 112    




Sable Mulugeta                  

Block 6      

Room No 107 &        ;




Yeshifana Limenih                 

Block 6       

Room No 107          





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