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 The Genesis and Development of Training and Consultancy Services at ECSU   

Though the training services emerged with the advent of the then Ethiopian Civil Service College, before 1998, training and consultancy services were not organized under one entity. There were problems in having a clear focus and management, and the services were being rendered in haphazard ways. Consequently, the training and consultancy business of the university was redefined in 1998 to render short term trainings in the areas of law, economics, finance, good governance and management separately under the Center for Professional Development (CPD). In 2002, it was named a Center Civil Service Leadership and Management Development (CSLMD) to incorporate the Civil Service Reform Programs (CSRP).

Later on, with the initiation of the restructuring of the College through the introduction of Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), it was merged with the then Institute of Public Management and Development Studies (IPMDS) for a year, and then, in 2008, it was set aside to be an independent center, which was the forerunner of the present Training and Consultancy Division (TCD). The rationale for the separation of the training wing from the IPMDS emanated from its ineffectiveness to give effective services to its customers during the merger. The problem was analyzed by both customers and the university and an agreement was reached to make changes in the way the center was organized. At present, the training management system has been upgraded and hosted six directorates, which are accountable to the Training and Consultancy Division Vice President.

From the different phases of changes in its training management, it is vivid that the division keeps changing to meet the growing needs of the public sectors. This division is also looking ahead to streamline and transform  itself, being in the ambit of the development goals of the country, in all possible ways to register the results which are different from what it is doing at present. The Division believes it cannot achieve what it plans unless it thinks out of the box and operates.  We know that our tomorrow’s problem is mainly resulted from today’s mal- practices, and thus we want to introduce changes to the way we think and do on our journey towards materializing the Renaissance of the country. To bring significant changes in our services, we are dictated by the principle “Think big and aim high.”   

The Vice President for Training and Consultancy, being accountable to the President of the University, shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Advise, assist and support the president in the exercise of her/his responsibilities;
  2. Prepare annual plan, submit to the president and execute upon approval;
  3. Lead and coordinate the design, organization and implementation of the training and consultancy programmes to build the capacity of civil service institutions and to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of civil servants, using various methods and technologies;
  4. Organize workshops,  seminars and conferences on various capacity building issues of the civil service in cooperation with research and community services division;
  5. Work on cross-cutting issues and deliver training and consultancy services in the civil service and in the communities  within the vicinity of the University, in cooperation with research and community services division;
  6. Propose the establishment of centers and offices as deemed necessary in consultation with the president and prepare detail guidelines and manuals to discharge responsibilities entrusted to them;
  7. Forge relations in accordance with the university’s rules and regulations with internal and external institutions for mutual benefits on the basis of principled and transparent negotiations and agreements to enhance capacity for training and consultancy;
  8. Closely work with vice presidents, all institutes/schools/centers and the various academic and administrative support units in the University to develop and implement duties and responsibilities entrusted to her/him;
  9. Properly maintain necessary data, submit periodic performance report, and;
  10. Exercise other responsibilities the president may entrust to her/him.

Contact Information Office of the Vice President for Training and Consultancy 

 Vice President, Training and Consultancy

Wogari Negari (PhD)

Office location

Main campus block 5






 Direct:  0116-462344 

 Ext :     207 /206

 Mobile: 0911624847

PoBox: 17879 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





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