MA Leadership and Good Governance

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters


The MA in Leadership and Governance program is a specialized interdisciplinary post graduate degree. The rationale to train public servants in leadership and governance at MA level is to equip the leaders at different levels with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to deliver effective services and materialize the mission/vision of the same. This MA in Leadership and Governance is an exceptionally valuable program for understanding what leadership competencies are and how these skills can be developed. To this end, the program has been made to contain foundation/core modules, which consist of 110 ECTS.

All the modules have proven to be of practical value in this 21st century public sector organization leadership and governance. To this effect, in this program students will be offered foundation/core modules which include Legal Frameworks for Leadership, Development Issues Theories and the Ethiopian Situation, Leadership and Management Concepts, Theories and Practices, Ethiopian Public Administration and Governance, Leadership Ethics and Service Delivery, International Relations and Globalizations, Transformational Leadership, Research Methodology for Leadership, Public Policy for Leadership, Academic Writing and Seminar for Leadership, Leading People and Managing Resources and Operations, Strategic Management for Leadership and Master’s Thesis.

The objective of Leadership and Governance program is to

  • improve leadership and management skills and practices of leaders;
  • develop governance skills of public service sector leaders;
  • enhance the integrity of the public service leadership and improve governance of public sector organizations in the country;
  • improve the satisfaction of the public sector organizations with the programs and services of the ILG;
  • increase the number of qualified and trained leaders and human resources of the public sector by helping them to acquire experiential knowledge in the country; and
  • increase strategic partnerships with similar institutes within the country and elsewhere.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Bachelor degree in introduction to management and leadership and organizational Behavior, leadership and good governance

Exit Level Outcomes

At the end of the program the graduates of Leadership and Governance are expected to:

  • identify leadership challenges in the country and come up with solutions to them;
  • create a decision models when conditions require solving leadership problems;
  • explore and generate creative solutions for complex real world challenges;
  • develop skills to work with others and in difficult situations;
  • apply different leadership skills to solve governance problems;
  • plan, execute and interpret a substantial research-based project that captures  leadership and/or governance challenges; and
  • Identify short- and long-term organizational development issues, challenges, and opportunities and develop appropriate responses and goals to effectively serve the organization as the environment changes.

Individual Clients

  • Multidisciplinary fields of study, Economics, Law, Accounting, etc.

Other stakeholders

  • The quasi – government institutions, private Sector, NSAs/CSOs


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