LL.M. Comparative Public Law & Good Governance

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters


The relevance and demand for this program remains unchanged. Acute shortage of specialists in public and constitutional law remains a critical challenge. With the new reform commitment of the government, demand for trained manpower is rather expected to grow as the government pursues its multifaceted reforms. The situation is no different in the regional states making it all the more indispensible to meet their ever-growing demand for trained manpower in these areas. In addition, the demand for the program can be evidenced by the significant increment in applications to the program year after year. Accordingly, it has been particularly redesigned and tailored to meet the acute shortage of specialists in public and constitutional law in the public service.

Since both the findings from the need assessment and the new direction in the reform justify, not just  a modest change  in the nature and content of the courses, but also  in its nomenclature, the program has been renamed  LL.M in Comparative Constitutional and Public Law to emphasize  the program needs to balance and pay attention to constitutional Law.

Objectives of the program

The objective of this program is to meet the public sector demand for lawyers who have undergone specialized training in constitutional and public law. In particular, it aims at satisfying the demand for constitutional and public lawyers, who can understand and implement the new policies of the country, extend consultancy services in the formulation of legal policy and research.

Prerequisites & Requirements

To be admitted to this program, a candidate must:

  1. have bachelor degree in law (LLB) from a recognized higher education institution,
  2. be public servant, and
  3. pass entrance examination of the institute

Exit Level Outcomes

After completing the program, the graduate is able to:

  • Explain and give advice on advanced legal issues on the major areas of Ethiopian Constitutional and public Law;
  • Analyze and resolve legal disputes related to constitutional and public law areas;      
  • Evaluate the relevance, adequacy and level of development (with selected comparable public laws of other countries) of Ethiopian public laws and their compatibility in light of the constitution and human rights laws;
  • Advance local knowledge in Formulating and drafting laws on Constitutional and public law areas;
  • Conduct research on gaps and limitations of existing Constitutional and Public laws and suggest reforms, improvements, amendments and revisions in the Ethiopian public laws;     
  • Write legal memoranda to organizations and individuals seeking and requesting legal advice on Ethiopian constitutional and public law;
  • Discharge professional duties by arguing and presenting legal cases before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies on Ethiopian Constitutional and public law areas;     
  • Be concerned and considerate about the interests of clients and handle request for legal advice on constitutional and public law areas in compliance with high professional ethical standards;
  • Help entrench the efforts to promote, protect, and enforce human rights in Ethiopia;
  • Make effort and contribute for the compliance and prevalence of rule of law in Ethiopia.

Individual Clients

Major individual clients to the program are legal experts working at the federal, regional and local government institutions

Other stakeholders

Academic, research and non ‐ governmental institutions may be interested in the program due to its special focus


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