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Building the capacity of the public sector through short-term training is one of the missions of the Ethiopian Civil Service University. At present, Training Institute (TI) is mandated to deliver training services. The institute has offered various practical and interactive generic- and tailor-made training to employees and leaders of different public sector organizations typically categorized into three, such as short-term, medium-term and long-term. For the list of training programmes we offer, please explore our broacher.

Our History

Almost 30 Years of History in Delivering Short-term Training to the Public Sector

The history of our training service goes back to the establishment of the University, the then Civil Service College, in 1996 having the mandate of building the capacity of Ethiopian civil service. The training services have gone through various structural reorganisations. Initially, in 1996, the training services were organised under Centre for Professional Development (CPD), which was renamed as Centre for Civil Service Leadership and Management Development (CCSLMD) to give due attention to the Civil Service Reform Programmes (CSRP) in 1997. By being a unit, in 2001, the training services were merged with the then Institute of Public Management and Development (IPMDS). In 2002, it evolved to a Centre called as Centre for Training and Consultancy (CTC) and placed under the office of academic vice president. By then, CTC had three training and consultancy teams where different training programmes were administered.

In 2016, the training services of the University along with consultancy were organised and led by a vice president level renamed as  Training and Consultancy Division at Vice. Under the office of the vice president, the training and consultancy services of the university were run by four training and consultancy centres and two coordination directorates. Following the designation of the University as one of research universities in Ethiopia and adoption of Ministry of Education standardize structure, the training institute (TI) was established in 2023 with responsibilities of administering short term training services. TI is placed under Academic Vice President Office having equal status of colleges.

All in all, our university has nearly three decades of successful engagements with various public sector organizations at federal, regional and city administration levels to develop and deliver customized training programmes

Our Clients

Our institute has a rich history of successful engagements with various public sector organizations at federal, regional and city administration levels. We have collaborated with government agencies, ministries, and public institutions to develop customized training programs.

Client’s Testimonial

“We are immensely thankful for the expertise and dedication of your trainers, who provided our staff with an extensive and insightful understanding of these vital technologies [Remote Sensing, Image Processing and GIS Applications]. Their ability to tailor the training content to the specific needs of our institute and their training methods contributed significantly to the success of the project.”

 Oromia Urban Planning Institute


Our Partners

  • Addis Ababa City Administration Public Sector Bureau
  • Amhara Regional State Management Institute
  • Ethiopia Management Institute
  • Ethiopia Leadership Association
  • Oromia State University


Azeb Assefa (PhD)

Dean of Training Institute

Office:- Main Campus; Block 3, 1st Floor,  Office Number 102, Phone: +251116452005

Email: traininginstitute@ecsu.edu.et ; azeb.assefa@ecsu.edu.et


Degsew Tessema (PhD)

Training Institute’s Vice Dean

Office:- Block 3, 1st Floor, Office Number 100, Phone:+251-118333164

Email: degsew.tessema@ecsu.edu.et


Mr. Birhanu Niggusie

Training Quality and Module Affairs Coordinaton Office Coordinator

Office :Block 3, 2nd Floor Office Number:

Email: birhanu.nigusie@ecsu.edu.et


Mrs. Tarike Tadesse

Trainiong Center Head

Office: Block 3, 2nd Floor, Office Number 213, Phone: +251-116463724

Email: trainingcenter@ecsu.edu.et


Mrs. Belaynesh Lemma

Publication and Grant Management Coordination office Coordinator

Office:- Block 3, 1st Floor, Office Number 113, Phone: +251-116462343

Email: belaynesh.lema@ecsu.edu.et


TI’s Structure and Work Units

TI is led by the Dean and Deputy Offices. Three work units are organised below the dean office. The first one is the Training Quality and Module Affairs Coordination office, which is responsible to carry out quality enhancement activities with regard to training services including input, process and output. This means the coordination office is accountable to oversee training programmes from training need assessment (TNA) to post-training support and follow-up and impact assessments.

The second work unit is Training Centre, which is responsible in executing all training programmes. Under the Centre, training programmes are categorized into three, namely Urban Management and Transformation Training Programme, Public Finance Training Programme and Social and Public Management Training Programme. The third work unit is that Publication and Grant Management Coordination Office. This office is responsible to oversee publication, grant seeking and grant management activities of the academic staffs of the Institute. The structure of the Institute is indicated in the organogram. 


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