PHD Urban and Regional Studies

Program level: 


Program starts every semester.




Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters



The essence of the PhD program in Urban and Regional Studies under the Urban Planning and Development Department of the College of Urban Development and Engineering at ECSU is basically the development of the ability to conduct original research and extend the frontiers of inter-disciplinary knowledge that will have relevance in addressing various aspects of urban and regional development.

The general aim of the doctoral programme in Urban and Regional Studies is to produce scholars who are able to conduct need-based research and produce evidence-based policies to be operationalized into concrete programs and projects that would help address the multi-faceted development challenges posed by rapid urbanization and differences in levels of development in different regions of the country. The specific aims of the program are producing top-notch scholars who are competent: 

  • to develop evidence-based policies for urban and regional development  and also serve as policy advisors to key government institutions; 
  • to discharge research orientated duties including the design, conduct and supervision of both academic and problem solving inter-disciplinary research by universities and think tanks and also serve as research scholars; and
  • to serve as teaching staff of higher-education institutions that have under graduate and graduate educational programs in urban and regional development orientated fields.

Thus, the PhD programme in urban and regional studies will produce future policy makers, academicians and researchers who would play key roles in the country's efforts to bring about efficient and equitable urban and regional development.

Exit Level Outcomes

Graduate Profiles: PhD in Urban and regional Studies

The key competencies of the prospective PhD graduate in Urban and Regional Studies refer to mastery of knowledge in a specific sub-set of the wider discipline covered by the PhD Program and the ability to conduct independent research. The graduates of the PhD program in Urban and Regional Studies will have ample employmentopportunities in various academic, research and planning orientated institutions established at the Federal, Regional and local levels as well as in the private and /or non-for-profit sectors dealing with development related issues that manifest themselves at the  regional and urban levels.

In more detailed terms, the graduate of this PhD programme will be able to:

  • lead and manage problem solving research on urban and regional development issues and forward context based sound recommendations to foster sustainable urban development ; 
  • advance local knowledge about the problematic of urban and regional development through scholarly and applied research;
  • offer policy advice to decision makers regarding programmatic and holistic capacity building orientated interventions aimed at bringing  about efficient and equitable urban and regional development;
  • organize and offer demand driven educational and training programs to  personnel working in different governmental and other private and non-profit organizations; and handle their research and education related tasks with high standard of integrity and professionalism


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