MSc Urban Environment and Climate Change

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters



The general objective of the program is to produce highly qualified civil servants in the area of environment and climate change management, to support the efforts the governments in undertaking environmentally friendly urban management, planning and development programs.

Specifically the ECCM program expects to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To equip participants to design and formulate, climate change mitigation & adaptation process and other environmental planning and management developmentskills.
  2. To strength their skills to ensure effective monitoring and evaluation system in urban environmentalmanagement
  3. To enable them to participate and coordinate in the integrated waste, energy, urban open and green space and other environmental services & resource management.
  4. To provide them the skills in identifying and analyzing environment and climate  change risks
  5. To build up the capacity of the participants to implement the legal and institutional instruments and structures towards environment and climate change management at local, regional and nationallevel
  6. To build up the capacity of the participants further in undertaking scientific research on environment and climate change related issues and in generating awareness, through various means including seminars and workshops.

Prerequisites & Requirements

  1. Be holders of   Under Graduate (BA/BSC) degree in or related disciplines such as Urban planning, Urban management, Urban engineering, Environmental studies, Natural resource management Geography, Sociology, Economics, Climatology, Biology, Geology, Agriculture, Law and related disciplines.
  2. Be a civil servant with 2 years or more of working experience.
  3. Pass the entrance examination conducted by the ECSU.

Exit Level Outcomes

Graduate Profiles:  MSc in Environment and Climate Change Management

After the completion of the Masters of Sciences (MSc) Program in Environment and Climate Change the Graduates will be able to:

Critically understand and explain the environment and climate change.

  • Apply management methods in the integrated waste, energy, open and green space and other environmental services and resource management
  • Critically analyse and implement the legal and institutional instruments and create structures towards environmental and climate change management both at local and national levels.
  • Design monitoring and evaluation system for the implementation of environmental programs.
  • Review, organize and guide the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP), Environmental Management System (EMS), Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptationprocess.
  • Create guideline for implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS), Cleaner Production (CP) and Climate Change AdaptationStrategies.
  • Develop and conduct research on  environment and climate change related issues and present and communicate researchresults.
  • Plan and facilitate community involvement and participation in climate change and environmental managementactivities.

Individual Clients

Civil servants with background in environmental related studies

Other stakeholders

Environmental NGOs as analysts and campaigners and international organizations


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