MSc Urban Planning and Development

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters


Due to the accelerating rate of urbanization world over; urban planningbecomes essential in guiding, directing and managing urban spatial development trends since centuries. The complexities in the urban fabric have resulted in the need to train professional urban planners knowledgeable enough to shape the nature of the urban form through determining where, when and how development should occur.

The need for urban planning professionals in Ethiopia is growing rapidly, a situation amplified by increased awareness on the part of regional governments and city administrations about the benefits of planned urban development.

The general objective of this Master’s Program in Urban Planning and Development is hence to produce highly qualified planning experts specializing in urban planning and development The Program aims at producing graduates highly equipped with theories and practices in urban planning and development at different urban levels.

Prerequisites & Requirements

The candidates for this program should have a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, architecture, engineering, surveying and other related fields.

Exit Level Outcomes

After completing the program and obtain MSc in urban planning and development participants will be able to

  • apply urban planning models, theories, concepts and facts while preparing urban plans at different urban levels.
  • understand the socio-economic and physical linkage and interaction of urban areas within their regional setting and come up with plan development concepts
  • Analyze and understand the socio-economic and physical conditions of urban areas and come up with appropriate land use plan
  • Formulate, implement and evaluate city-wide integrated urban area development plans for major urban centers within multi-disciplinary team for urban planning projects
  • Develop principles guide lines and tool for the preparation of urban plans.
  • Create rapid urban appraisal methods for planning and plan revision purposes.
  • prepare action plans and strategies and implement urban plans.
  • To make use of software’s like GIS and AutoCAD while preparing urban plans.

Individual Clients

Civil servants working in urban planning, architecture or engineering, areas

Other stakeholders

NGOs, private consulting firms, companies, local and international organizations undertaking urban development program/projects


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