ECSU Governance

University Governance

Board of Governors

The highest decision making body of the Ethiopian Civil Service University is the Board of Governors, which has five members appointed by the Prime Minister. The Board Members are:

Minister of  Federal Affairs Chairman
Vice President of Oromya Regional State Member
State Minister of Civil Service Member
State Minister of  Urban Development and Construction Member
President of the Ethiopian Civil Service University Secretary

Among others, the Board of Governors determines the academic and administrative policies, the organization and the Charter of the University. It scrutinizes the University budget and determines the fees and charges of services offered by the University. It approves academic agreements entered into with national and international educational institutions. The Board presents nominations of Vice Presidents to the Prime Minister and decides on the appointment of professors.


The president is the Chief Executive Officer and is accountable to the Board. He is entrusted with the tasks of all administrative and academic affairs of the University.

Vice Presidents

The four vice presidents, Academic Vice President (AVP), Vice President for Research and Community Service (VPRCS) Vice President for Training and Consultancy (VPTC), and the Vice President for Administration and Development (VPAD) are expected to assist the President. The AVP is in charge of academic matters, VPRCS is in charge of Research and community activities, VPTC Lead and coordinate the design, organization and implementation of the training and consultancy Programmes, and the VPAD is responsible for the administrative matters. 


The Senate of the Ethiopian Civil Service University has the following membership:

The President Chairperson
The Vice Presidents Members
Directors of Institutes, Centers and Schools Members
Director Institutional Planning and Assessment Office  Member
Director, Research and Publication Coordination Office Member
University Registrar Member
Director of Student Services Member
Director of Student Admission Office Member
Director of Public Relation Directorate Member
Director of Quality Assurance Unit Member
Director of Library Member
Centre for Gender and Development Member
Two Meritorious and Senior members of the academic Staffs Members
Two Representatives of the Student body (male and female) Members
University Senate Secretary Secretary and Non-voting member
Director, Ethics and Anti-corruption  Directorate Non-voting member
Director , Procurement, finance and Property Administration Directorate Non-voting member
Director of Human Resource Management  Directorate Non-voting member
Head of HIV AIDS Management Unit Non-voting member

The Senate shall decide on membership of new bodies as required.

The Senate, among others, approves the academic programme and calendar of the University and formulates the University examinations and admissions guidelines. It recommends academic promotions and confers degrees and diplomas. It also arbitrates and settles disciplinary matters.

Management Council 

The Management Council co-ordinates the implementation of the academic and administrative policies and procedures of the University.Moreover, the University has a management committee which has the following membership:

President Chairperson
Academic Vice President Member

Research and Community Service Vice President

Training and Consultancy Vice President Member
Administrative Vice President Member
Institutional Planning and Assessment Office  Director Member
Executive Assistant of the University President Secretary
Center for Academic and Professional Development Director Member
Human Resource Management Directorate Director  Member
Procurement, Property and Finance Administration Directorate Director Member
Students Services Directorate Director Member

Academic Commissions

Each Institute, Centre and Graduate School shall establish an Academic Commission.  The Academic Commission shall be accountable to the respective Director of the Institute, Centre or Graduate School and shall consist of the following members:

The Director of the Institute, Centre or Graduate School Chairperson
Deputy Director Member
Heads of Departments of the Institute, Centre or Graduate School Member
Representative of the academic staff (1) Member
Student Council (1) Member
Female student (1) Member
Administrative Support Team Leader Non Voting Member

Departmental Councils

Each department has its own Council comprising the Head of Department as the Chairperson and all the teaching staff of the Department as members. The Council is responsible to the Academic Commission of its constituent Institute.


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