BA Public Procurement and Asset Management

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

7 semesters


Establishing and maintaining effective public procurement and asset management system and put in force is imperative to the country to achieve economic efficiency and cost effectiveness, and value for money. This is because most part of the total country’s annual government budget is used for procurement, and in turn from this value, more share is expended for property purchasing. Thus, it requires due attention in all aspects: designing compatible and modern systems, implementing modern management practices, and undertaking performance evaluation based on realities, and modifying and redesigning the system and considering corrective measures. This requires knowledgeable, skilled and competent manpower. The lack of such experts hinders country from being effective in providing goods and services at required level and quality to its citizens in cost effective way and productive, and thereby achieving economic development.

The Public Procurement and Asset Management Program  of  ECSU has been opened to solve the problem of trained manpower and build up adequate number of experts who are knowledgeable, skilled and qualified in public procurement and asset management to transform the public procurement and asset management system of the country. 

A four-year undergraduate program aims at producing adequately skilled manpower for effective implementation of the public procurement and property administration responsibilities and reforms in the country. The program imparts participants with the basic knowledge, develops the indispensable technical skills, builds up ethical standard and brings attitudinal change, and equips them with the basic skills in conducting research.

Prerequisites & Requirements

The admission requirement criteria for undergraduate PPAM participants are based on the preconditions laid down in the Senate Legislation of ECSU. Accordingly, undergraduate program candidates must:

  1. Be Ethiopian School Leaving Certificate Examination (ESLCE) completed with 2.00 and above, or Preparatory Program completed with pass mark set by Ministry of Education for that specific academic period, or Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Diploma completed with Certificate of Competency (CoC);
  2. Be a Public Servant; Having a supporting letter from his/her employer. Successfully pass the entrance exam of the University.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Design and implement PPAM systems
  • Provide relevant information for the amendment of PPAM policies and procedures
  • Apply public procurement and asset mangement rules and regulations effectively
  • Prepare and manage procurement plans with a spend analysis report
  • Apply tax and customs related procedures in public procurement
  • Execute management strategies for public assets, including intellectual property in accordance with legal provisions
  • Manage inventory, and supply chain and logistic in a public organizations
  •  Conduct feasibility study for public projects and design resource flow for the execution of the project
  • Apply civil service ethics in the performance of public procurement and asset management duty
  •  Explain the fiscal policy of the country
  • Conduct effective auditing in assessing efficiency, economy and effectiveness of procurement and asset management in public organiztions
  •  Prepare and manage the budgets of public sector and Non-Profit making institutions in line with appropriations.
  • Undertake scientific research within the purview of PPAM

Individual Clients

Procurement and Asset Management practitioners from public sector organizations.

Other stakeholders

Public enterprises and private sector organization


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