TI’s Resource Persons

TI’s Resource Persons

TI has assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced 38 full-time academic staffs from various disciplines. Each member of our staff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, ensuring that our trainees receive comprehensive and well-rounded training. Our resource persons are not only subject matter experts but also skilled facilitators who create supportive and inclusive training experiences. In addition to our permanent academic staff, we also collaborate with associate staff, which allows us to offer a diverse range of training programs that cover a wide spectrum of topics. Below is the name and expertise of our staff.

Social and Public Management Training Programme 

1.            Mr. Ababu Defere Sene

   (Programme Coordinator)

MA in Urban Management

Email: ababu.defere@ecsu.edu.et

2.            Dr. Alazar Ali  (Assistant Prof.)

PhD in Public Management

MA in Development economics


3.            Dr. Ayele Bekele (Assistant Prof.)             

PhD in Public Management

MA Education Planning and Manag’t

4.            Dr. Degusew Tesema (Assistant Prof.)

PhD in Public Management

5.            Dr. Tiruye Alemu (Assistant Prof.)

PhD in Public Administration and Management

MA in Human Resource and

Organizational dev’t;

MA in Public Policy Study

6.            Mr. Abebe Tesfa

MA in Curriculum Studies

7.            Mr.  Amedework Birhane

MA in Curriculum and instruction

8.            Mrs. Belaynesh Lemma

MA in Public Management

9.            Mrs. Mindaye Yohannes Eargacho

MA in Social work

MA in Leadership management

10.          Mrs.  Seble Mulugeta G/yes

MA in Public Management

11.          Mrs. Tarike Tadesse Geneti

MA in Curriculum and instruction

MA in Leadership and Governance

12.          Mr.  Tesfaye Molla Endeshaw

MA in Public management

13.          Mrs. Yeshifana Limeneh

MA in Public Management

14.          Mrs. Abay Akemachew

MA Ethiopian cultural st.s & MBA

PhD Candidate in Public Management

15.          Mrs. Eden Bushira Adem

MA in Public Management

PhD candidate

16.          Mr. Elias Gudisa

MA degree in Social work

PhD Candidate

17.          Mrs. Kumneger Fikre

MA in Information Science

MA in Social Psychology

PhD Candidate

18.          Mr. Zewdie Zaki

MA Leadership & Good Governance

PhD Candidate in Public Management


Public Finance Training Programme

1.            Mrs. Mahtem Mebratu

(Programme Coordinator)

MA in Public Financial Management

Email: mahtem.mebratu@ecsu.edu.et

2.            Dr. Tinsue G/Kidan (Assistant Prof.)

PhD in Industrial Economics

MA in Finance and Investment

3.            Mr. Daba Moti Duguma

MA degree in in Economics

4.            Mr. G/hawariat G/medhin

MA in Public Financial Management

5.            Mr. Sherif Muzeyn

MA in Public Financial Management

6.            Mrs. Marta girma Bekele

MA in Tax Administration,

PhD candidate

7.            Mr. Sofonyas Mekonnen

MA in Accounting and Finance

8.            Mr. Samuel Atsibha G/Yesus

MA in Customs Administration

PhD Candidate


Urban Management and Transformation Training Programme

1.            Mrs. Yalganesh Tilahun

(Programme Coordinator)

MA in Urban Development & Management

Email: yalganesh.tilahun@ecsu.edu.et

2.            Dr. Azeb Assefa (Assis. Prof.)

PhD in Environment

MA in Development Studies

3.            Dr Yohannes Petros  (Assi. Prof.)

PhD in Development studies


4.            Mrs. Alemeshet Taye Belete

MA in Urban Management

5.            Mr. Birhamu Nigussie

MA in Urban Management

6.            Mrs. Menbere Bashaye

MA in Urban Management

7.            Mr. Tigneh Eshete

MSc in earth Science

8.            Mrs. Temnit Hadera

MA in Environmental Plan & Landscape Design

PhD Candidate

9.            Mr. Endalkachew Getu

MA in Population, Environmental Dev’t

PhD Candidate

10.          Mr.  Tomas Girmay Hindaya

MA in Urban Planning

11.          Mr.  Zeleke Lerango Lagiso

MA in Infrastructure

PhD Candidate


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