BSc Urban Land Management and Information Systems

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

8 semesters


The use of the scarce land resource efficiently, effectively and equitably can only be achieved through systematic LIS that invariably support a wide range of governmental functions. This crucial demand for sustainable use of scarce land resource, however, can only be realized if it is supported by training programs that create well qualified staff with the necessary professional competence. Therefore the general objective of the program is to train competent professionals who have acquired the required knowledge, skill and attitude in the areas of both Urban Land Management and Information System.

Prerequisites & Requirements


  1. A civil servant with at least two years service and having (submitting) a recommendation from the respective employing organization,
  2. If the candidate take part in the former ESLCE, having an average result of 2.00 pt. including English and Mathematics as compulsory,  or,
  3. If the candidate completed a preparatory education, having the required pass mark set by the Ministry of Education, in the same year of completion of the education including English and Mathematics.
  4. A candidate of TVET graduates who have accomplished the level 5 and pass COC exam
  5. Pass an entrance exam given by Ethiopian Civil Service University

Exit Level Outcomes

  • The prospective graduates in the Bsc. Program in Urban Land Management and information system from Ethiopian Civil Service University acquire wide-ranging theoretical, practical, and methodological competencies required for good land resource management that will help to promote economic and social development in both urban and rural areas. Upon the completion of the program, they shall be equipped with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skill that shall prepare them to undertake the following tasks and responsibilities:
  • Understand and implement basic concepts & principles of land markets, and practice them in the context of Ethiopia,
  •  Involve in the formation and implementation of land-use policies; and the monitoring of all activities on land that affect the best use of that land
  • The management of land resources such as forestry, soils, or agriculture; and undertaking environmental impact assessment,
  • Manage asses and analyze land demands for various purposes, and Provide technical support for the development and management of utilities and services,
  • Identify and propose land based on the demand assessment and the development plans of a given area,
  • Property assessment, valuation and conveyancing including decisions on mortgages and investment.
  • Implementing all relevant acts, regulations and procedures pertinent to real property valuation, taxation and information dissemination,
  •  Administer and control spatial and non spatial databases related to land management,
  • Manage the security of the network from different network vulnerability and maintain and trouble shoot whenever database failures occur,
  •  Utilize available surveying and geo-information technologies and systems for the acquisition, updating, maintenance and dissemination of information pertinent to cadastral maps and Conduct office and field verification on accuracy of cadastre map,
  •  Identify compulsory and potential components of cadastral maps for the use of land administration and management,
  •  Explore and analyze existing land information systems situation for further improvement.
  • Prepare archive, update and disseminate various maps in digital and paper format


  •  land related disputes management and negotiations among different parties

Individual Clients


Other stakeholders



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