BSc Urban Engineering

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

10 semesters



Urban areas are centers of administration, development, invention, technology etc. Their growth will play a great role in the whole development of a Nation. Successful and sustainable growth of urban centers to the grass root level is highly dependent on availability of trained urban professionals. Hence it calls for all rounded Urban Engineers who are trained and acquired the relevant skill, knowledge and attitude to be able to respond to urban related issues.  Based on Impact and Need assessment done in 2003, the department launched a degree program in Urban Engineering that focuses in the planning, design and execution of Urban Infrastructures like Urban Houses, Roads and Bridges, Water Supply, Drainage and Sewerage Systems, Waste Management System, Urban Development Plans and etc in 2005.

The general objective of the Urban Engineering Department is to train Urban Engineers, who can easily adjust themselves to the varying needs of the fast growing towns and be involved in productive infrastructure development practice early in their career following graduation. Moreover, the department undertakes research activities and involved in training and consultancy services to governmental, public and private organizations.

Prerequisites & Requirements

The applicant of Urban Engineering program is required to satisfy the following two requirements:

  1. Either be based on the requirement of the Ministry of Education (MoE) for BSc. degree program or have a diploma in Urban Engineering, Construction Technology, Civil Engineering, Building Engineering, Drafting, Surveying, Hydraulic Engineering or other foreign equivalent fields.
  2. Should score a pass mark in the entrance examination prepared by the Ethiopian Civil Service University.

Exit Level Outcomes

Graduate Profiles:  BSc Urban Engineering

  • Building Design: Architectural, Structural, Sanitary and Electrical designs of public service buildings including Urban Housing Building like Condominiums and other kinds of urban houses.
  • Road and Bridge Design : Undertake feasibility study, analyze traffic demand, carry out geometric design of road, determine road and lane width, locate traffic signs and signals, provide sidewalks and parking lanes, design road cross section , design road drainage , culvert and bridge.
  • Water Supply and Sanitary System Design: Analyze project water demand, plan and design water distribution system, water treatment, design and maintenance, design and implement sewage collection system, sewage treatment processes, and provision of sanitary facilities at urban & building level.
  • Storm Drainage System Design: Analyze rainfall and runoff data, determine drainage systems, design drainage structures, and provide flood control mechanisms.
  • Solid Waste Management System Design: Design and implement proper solid waste management system for urban areas. 
  • Quantity Surveying and Bid Document: Prepare engineering estimates and bid documents for construction projects and evaluate tender documents.
  • Construction Supervision: Supervision of all urban infrastructure construction works.
  • Construction Project Administration: Administration of all urban infrastructure projects from planning to handover, giving due emphasis to contract management.
  • Urban development: Be actively involved in preparation and implementation of urban development plans.
  • Urban Environmental Protection: Include the urban environment protection concepts in the design and implementation of urban infrastructure projects.
  • Maintenance and Modification of Urban Infrastructure: Actively participate in maintenance and modifications of all urban infrastructures.
  • Ethics and leadership: Demonstrates high level ethical standards in his/her professional practice and participates in team works and play leadership role.

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