The Vice President for Research and Partnership shall be accountable to the President of the University and shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Advise, assist and support the president in the exercise of his responsibilities;
  2. Design ways and means of promoting the relevance and quality of the Research and community activities of the University and supervise same;
  3. Encourage and support members of the research staff to develop their research capacities  and to demonstrate excellence in research endeavors;
  4. provide direction and support in the development and implementation of University goals, objectives and strategic plans to advance research
  5. work closely with all institutes/schools/centres and the various academic and administrative support units to develop and implement strategies
  6. seek external partners (local, national, and international) to enhance the University's research infrastructure and opportunities for high quality research
  7. Approve the employment of  research  personnel;
  8. Coordinate and direct the research and community service businesses  of the University;
  9. act as the nexus between the university and the community with respect to research initiatives of mutual benefit;
  10.  where applicable, develop mutually beneficial linkages with industry in order to develop partnerships and collaborative research;
  11.  transfer knowledge to society through outreach (e.g. collaborative research; seminars; workshops; lectures; websites; publications) and, where applicable, through technology transfer (e.g. collaborative research; contract work; and commercialization of intellectual property);
  12. Prepare and submit plans and performance reports to the President and follow up implementation of the plans;
  13. Exercise the responsibilities the president may entrust to him/her

 Contact Information Office of the Vice President for Research  and Partnership 

 Vice President for Research and Community Service

Alemayehu Debebe Mekonnen (PhD)

Office location

Main campus block 5




 Ext 292/518






Developing capacity of the Public service sector through   problem solving research and community service is the paramount mission of the Research and Community Service (RCS) wing.  Its rationale is conducting well-organized/problem solving research into issues concerning policy development and strategies, public sector services’ improvement and being an input in capacity development of public sector leaders and professionals.  Besides two special research centers( Public Reform and Ethics& Integrity in public service ) ,Research &Public  Coordination, University-Industry Linkage ,Printing Press and Community Service directorates  are working to add value in Public service capacity building .Moreover, Research & Community Service inaugurated  university and Community Radio (FM100.5) which serves as a link between university and  its wide community.

I would like to say all welcome to Ethiopian Civil Service University Community Radio station to visit us on ECSU website. The Ethiopian Civil... Read More
Over view of the Press Directorate The growing needs of the Ethiopian Civil Service University called for a printing press which has the... Read More


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