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E-learning is the use of Information communication Technology to support the Teaching and Learning Process in a given educational institute.

 Features of E-learning include

  1. Accessibility - be independent from time and place
  2. Scalability - deliver content to more participants
  3. Transparency - let the value of the program be visible
  4. Quality - use new media to provide a better learning experience
  5. Manageability - use a interactive database to monitor trainees

Responsibilities of Learning Teaching Technology Team

The Responsibilities of the team includes

  1. Producing training and course materials with the help of electronic formats in a blended mode
  2. Designing and administrating Learning management systems to organize  the learning and teaching contents
  3. Providing an induction  training on blended courses developed for intended customers
  4. Providing a continues e-learning support for customers 

 E-Learning Support involves

  • Conducting discussion with assigned subject matter experts on how to convert learning resources in to blended learning formats
  • Recording video lectures with a combination of  PowerPoint presentations , audio narrations and subtitles
  • Digitalizing learning and teaching materials (modules, readers, references books etc ) for online access
  • Editing  online learning materials based on end users needs and uploading materials developed 
  • Providing an induction training and technical support for customers on e-learning platforms

Overview of E-learning in the University

  • Started synonymously with technology-based learning programs since the academic year 2013 G.C  with the help of an e-learning advisor
  • Started with the two common modules delivered in the mode of blended learning (combination of face-to-face and e-learning)
  •  The two modules  were Public Service Delivery, Ethics and Change Management developed by the Institute of Public Management and Development Studies and the Ethiopian Public Administration and Governance developed by the Institute of Leadership and Good  Governance. Later the two courses were merged together and a new course Ethiopian Public Administration, Governance and ethics was developed and is being delivered in a blended format.
  • Other short-term trainings were  delivered for regional public service organizations 


  • An E-learning Training has been given for more than 1800 students of the university since 2015 G.C.
  • Short-term blended learning support for the public sector organizations was given on courses like Human resource management, Supply Management, Resource management, Capital investment plan and Revenue Enhancement Plan.
  • Our university in collaboration with GIZ has been giving trainings in 8 Ethiopian cities: Debremarkos, Nekemte, Asosa, Gambella, Afar, Yirgalem, Jigjiga and Adwa. Most of those trainings were supported by woreda net video conferencing and face-to-face interactions. More than 180 Participants have been certified after completing  the online phase / training 

Projects in Progress

  • Development of Blended course in collaboration with school of public policy
  • In addition to the face to face training, induction videos are being developed to guide students and instructors on the e-learning system.

Available Facilities 

  • State-of-the-art data center and e-learning platform for hosting the contents developed
  • Multimedia-room for producing educational videos, audios and interactive contents

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