MA Urban Management

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters


Urban Management Masters Programme aims at filling the gap in addressing the complex challenges faced in cities of Ethiopia in an era of rapid urbanization and globalization. While decentralization is creating new opportunities for cities to provide better services, alleviate urban poverty and position cities as engines of growth for dependent regions, many actors involved in urban development do so with limited interaction and coordination. Yet, problems require innovative, multi-actor and multidisciplinary approach.

The unique feature of the Master’s Programme is the strong link between theory and practice through the interface between applied research and practical exposure. Participants will receive lectures in theories and concepts, tools, best practices, Federal/Regional/Local policies, strategies and programmes, and undertake research at the end. The combination of advanced training methodologies and delivery by a select team of experienced academicians and professionals will facilitate the link between theory and practice.

The Programme will enable participants to, analyses urban challenges in order to become innovative urban managers; create sustainable cities and alleviate urban poverty based on a multidisciplinary and multi-actor approach; enhance technical and managerial capacities of urban governments in sustainable way; enhance the successful implementation of Government urban development policies, poverty eradication strategies and programs and promote the success of recent urban reform programs and process of decentralization.

Prerequisites & Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree in management, urban planning, civil engineering, economics, environment, law, geography, and other related social sciences. Work experience ?
  2. In addition the candidate must pass an entrance examination set under the auspices of the Ethiopian Civil Service University.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Demonstrate critical understanding of issues in urban management and cross-cutting related fields.
  • Develop and employ strategies that can enhance Public Private Partnerships in urban service provision
  •  Design and implement functional urban land development and managements systems
  • Generate policy options and innovative solutions for local problems
  • Design and implement urban development strategies, programmes, and projects in the fields of urban infrastructure, land development, employment, municipal finance among others
  • Mobilize and solicit resources for implementing different urban development strategies, programmes and projects
  • Implement urban poverty centred development programmes
  • Establish mechanisms for efficient service delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Design and implement management tools to coordinate activities of different municipal departments
  • Negotiate and make decisions

Individual Clients

Civil servants with urban management related background or with work experience in urban management field.

Other stakeholders

Non-governmental agencies and civil society (CBOs, international aid agencies) like World Bank as a funder capacity building efforts.


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