College of Finance, Management and Development

College of Finance, Management and Development

The College of Finance, Management and Development is one of the colleges in the Ethiopian Civil Service University. Some two years ago the University undertook a substantial structural change that resulted in the establishment of three Colleges of which College of Finance, Management and Development is one. The College is created by merging the former Institute of Public Management and Development studies and the former Institute of Tax and Customs Administration. The College is governance by a dean and two Deputy Deans. In addition, Heads of Department and the Administrative Support Team Leader are members of the governing body. The College has six academic departments consisting 14 programs at undergraduate, masters and PhD level. The Academic departments are: Department of Public and Social Security Management, Department of Development Economics and Management, Department of Public Financial Management and Accounting, Department of Public Procurement and Asset Management, Department of tax and customs Administration, and Department of Mathematics and statistics. In the following sections, the main purposes of these departments and their respective programs are briefly described. 

Department of Public and Social Security Management

The Department of Public and Social Security Management is one of the six departments under the College of Finance, Management and Development. This Department is currently offering the following programs. The department started offering Master’s in Public Management (MPM) and Social Security Management (MSSM), PhD in Public Management and undergraduate program in Office Management with the main aim to build the capacity of civil servants that allow them to accelerate the successful implementation of the nation’s strategies to ensure sustainable development and social protection. Since its establishment, the department has been providing an excellent education to all its students being enrolled from time to time in its department as well as other departments in the ECSU.  The department has trained and graduated more than five batches in Public Management Master’s program and four batches in Social Security Management Masters’ program including the graduating class of Year 2017/18. In its PhD program, the first batch of nine students has been graduated and currently two batches are enrolling in the program. It also arranges special class for training women public servants in collaboration with FDRE Ministry of Women and Children Affairs. For successful delivery of its training program,   the department has various faculty resources for various subjects drawn from domestic as well as international talented pool of resource in the areas of public management, leadership and social security management. In addition to teaching, the staffs in the department are also actively involving in provision of different community services and undertaking problem solving social researches.

Department of Development Economics and Management

The Department of Development Economics and Management constitutes two programs; namely Masters Program in Development Economics and Bachelor of Arts in Development Management. Masters program in Development Economics is designed based on the strategic needs of the nation to have effective and efficient civil servants in the area of development policy formulation and implementation. The main objective of the program is  to provide graduates with the theoretical knowledge, policy awareness, problem solving research techniques and skills to tackle many of the challenges relating to economic development of the country. It also aims at enabling graduates to have a good grasp of contemporary debates and policy-making in major areas of development that enable students to actively participate in the process of designing policies and making decisions. The main objective of Development Management undergraduate program is to prepare potential public servants who can serve the public sector at both federal and regional government levels. This program allows producing competent professionals to take up administrative and managerial positions in rural and urban administration, public service and development programs and projects. It aims at producing competent development managers who will  have significant contribution towards the development goals of the country.

Public Financial Management and Accounting

The department of Public Financial Management and Accounting consists three programs at different levels. This include the Bachelor and Master Programs in Public Financial Management, Ph.D. Program in Public Financial Management, and Bachelor and Master Programs in Accounting and Finance. Generally, the programs aim at providing adequate civil servants and trained human power at the public and private sector who are trained for managing public financial management and accounting and finance related issues with qualified expertise knowledge within the framework of the country’s laws in the way that the public financial management issues and accounting standards can be maintained. Specifically, the program aims at training individuals who will assume executive positions in the areas of Government and Private Accounting and Finance; enabling participants contribute to the practice of accounting and finance by shedding light on critical policy matters through scientific inquiries; allowing participants appreciate the current developments in accounting at a global level and ensure compliance with international accounting rules, to mention but few.

Department of Public Procurement and Asset Management

The Department provides two programs i.e. MA in Public Procurement and Asset Management, and BA in Public Procurement and Asset Management. The envisaged Master’s program aims at satisfying the need for trained managers who are capable of remolding the Public Procurement and Asset Management system of the country in such a way that the Procurement and Asset Management process is performed with clearly set rules, regulations and procedures that would facilitate for enhancing efficiency and ensuring ethical standard of the procurement and asset management processes. In general, the program is expected to: equip the participants with the adequate knowledge for designing, improving, and managing the public procurementsystem of public organizations. The undergraduate program aims at providing adequate skilled manpower to implement the public procurement and property administration duties and reforms in the country. Generally it tries to quip them with the principles and cycle of public procurement management, and the national and international procurement procedures.

Department of Tax and Customs Administrations

The success of tax and customs transformation programs depends largely on building the capacity of human capital that deals with tax and customs administration. As a result, education and training programs in the tax and customs administration become key in modern taxations system. The Department of Tax & Customs Administration of ECSU was established in collaboration with the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs administrations (ERCA) to develop the discipline of taxation and customs to make contributions to different professional programs  and focus on research and under graduate and  postgraduate studies. DTCA  is at the forefront of tertiary education in tax & customs administration in Ethiopia and collaborates with stakeholders  to ensure continued excellence in learning and teaching of revenue sector. The Department constitutes three programs; namely, Master of Arts in Degree in Tax Administrations, Master of arts in Customs Administrations, and Bachelor of Arts in Tax and Customs Administrations. The focus of the Department of TCA is training  professionals at satisfying national need for trained  competent Practitioners in tax administration, customs administration or public finance management, specifically in the area of  tax assessment, tax collection, customs operators, customs auditors, tax auditors, investigators, and customs managers. It also aims at strengthening the skills of tackling the tax & customs fraud and other unethical behaviors.

Department of  Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and statistics department was established on September 2006 under the AVP office to offer all mathematics and statistics courses offered in the college. Before the establishment of the departments the staff members were organized under the Faculty of Business and Economics since the establishment of the college in 1985. As the college began with Economics, Accounting and Law Departments courses related to mathematics and statistics were offered to the first two departments by the members of the department. When the former ECOL (Addis Ababa Municipal College) joined the Ethiopian Civil Service College in September 1995 the introduction of Urban Planning and Urban Engineering diploma programs were opened, more mathematics and statistics instructors were engaged in the teaching and learning activities. Thus, as the number of departments increase in the former Institutes of Urban Development Studies, Tax and Custom Administration, and Public Development and Management, this leads to the establishment of the department on September 14, 2006. The establishment of the department was with the objective of offering all the courses of mathematics and statistics in a systematical and organized manner throughout the university by the department. Again in January 2007, the department was organized with English Department and Computer center under “the center of Learning and Professional Development” later which became Center for Academic and Professional Development (CAPD) until January 2016. On January 2016 the department was organized Under College of Finance, Management, and Development and still working with the college to facilitate the teaching learning process.



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