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I would like to say all welcome to Ethiopian Civil Service University Community Radio station to visit us on ECSU website.

The Ethiopian Civil Service University Community Radio Station- Civil Service FM 100.5 is a radio station which is established under the university to serve the community within and around the university. The Radio is issued under Broadcasting Proclamation No 533/07 Article, 16 radio broadcasting license and registered under No 33/2003 with ownership of community radio and allotted frequency of 100.5.

The radio station has a social agenda and provides profound new opportunities for inclusive sustainable development of the community. Furthermore, it works in the cultural context of the community it serves; it deals with local issues which are not covered by public, private and commercial broadcasting which are relevant to local problems and concerns. Its aim is to help the community to develop socially, culturally and economically and responds to the needs of the community it serves, contributing to its development within progressive perspectives in favor of social change.

The vision of our university is to become a leading center of excellence in public service capacity building in Africa by 2025 through building efficient, effective, transparent and accountable public service which can contribute to the realization of the development and transformation driven from the country. All ECSU communities have their own responsibilities to the achievement of this.

Therefore, the station also give a due attention to ensure good governance by building accountable public service through the program developed by the station which is called “Enimekaker” which means “exhorting” or “let as consult each other”. The name of the program is derived from the mission of the university “Consultancy” through which the university build the capacity of the public sectors through consulting them by experts of the university. The radio station plans a program to open live telephone discussion between public sectors/Service providers/ representatives and the customers. They discuss about the service delivery of sectors, ask questions, comment and suggest about the services and create transparency and accountability.


Mhret Kassa Siyoum


FM 100.5 Community Radio

Ethiopian Civil Service University Community Radio (FM 100.5) committed to serving the community to play its role in the country`s economic, social and political development. More specifically as the University focuses to building the capacity of the public service, the station will deal with good governance and public sector reform issues through the participation of the university and surrounding areas communities.  In the light of this the following are expected outcomes of its service.

  •  Improved access to educational content, Information and knowledge.
  •  Improved transparency, responsibility among local government public service delivery.
  •  Enhanced understanding of processes of democracy and participatory democracy, exercising rights.
  • Increased awareness of crucial social political and economic issues at local level including fighting corruption
  • Enable individuals and campus community to understand the transformational and development plan of the country and act accordingly.
  •  Enable individuals to exercise choice, make decision and act as responsible citizens.
  • Contribute to self knowledge and awareness, encourage the listener to see themselves in relation to others. 


Objective of Civil Service FM 100.5 Radio Station

Civil Service FM 100.5 is established with the primary objective to prepare programs that contribute to political, social, economic and cultural development of the community. By strengthening constructive engagement and participation of the community shall have the following specific objectives:-

1.Helps the community to understand the government strategies and policies, especially the civil service reform Programmes.

2.Helps the community to have accurate and proper information about the development, peace, and good governance and strives to democratize communication through community participation. Moreover, it helps the community to have proper information about the university and various international issues in accordance with each specific social context.

3.Makes effort to broaden awareness and create  community consciousness

4.Promotes   Ethiopian nation  ,nationalities and peoples’ languages, customs and arts,

5.Prepares community based recreation programs which help to teach and entertain them.

6.Promotes the Ethiopian Civil Service University and creates sense of internal cohesion

 Values and principles

  1. Loyalty and truthfulness
  1. Equity /Free yielding Service/
  2. Welcoming Diversity
  3. Commitment
  4. Continuous Learning
  5. Community support
  6. Respecting right of others

Radio Programs

We are developing more than 21 types of programs following different radio program formats to attract listeners attention such as:- Music (cultural, old time, African and worldwide music) ,the news, sport-cast, talk radio, phone-in , radio programming for kids, etc. This help to reach to listeners in different formats to be with us.

60% of the programs are community-based programming that focus on the community issue. Half of them are live broadcasting, whereas others need production. 




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