Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

The University promotes a participatory approach to decision-making at all levels. It constantly attempts to foster the ideals of cooperation by encouraging the involvement of its stakeholders towards its development and advancement.

The following special features make the ECSU system unique:

  • Adoption of an interactive-oriented approach to teaching and learning
  • Carrying out of needs assessment and impact evaluation
  • Provision of special academic support programs for those in need
  • DLC-based provision of training through fully interactive video conferencing facility
  • Promotion of a participative management system
  • Writing of senior essays, whereby students go back home to work on problems facing their respective regions
  • Continual process of quality improvement


Financial support mainly comes from the Federal Government treasury as a recurrent budget for the execution of the University's activities, and a capital budget for building infrastructure capacity, as well as for student welfare services.

For the last three or four years, the recurrent budget thus obtained amounts to an average of 9.5 million Birr per year. This means Birr 4,500.00 per student per year.

The University also generates income by providing training and from the student cost-sharing scheme. Since the inception of the ECSU in 1995, every degree and diploma student has been paying to the University 25% of his/her net salary every month during their period of study, and presently 10-15% & 75 Birr for salaries up to 500 Birr and beyond, respectively.

Several donor governments and international organizations give material and financial assistance to the University, too. The UNDP has been a major source of funding since 1995. The UNDP budget targets specified areas of capacity building, salaries for international personnel, post-graduate studies abroad,purchase of books, journals, equipment etc. It has allocated over 3,000,000 Dollars covering a six year duration. This complements the overall University activities and strategies.

Sources of Funding 

Federal government budget

The Federal Government of Ethiopia covers full capital and recurrent budget. The average annual recurrent budget of the last three years amounts to over Birr 67 million and the average capital budget is to the tune of about Birr 98 million.

Projects funding through donor agencies

Internally generated revenue

Cost-sharing: Each student pays 10% of net salary monthly for 10 months

Training and services fees (on cost-recovery basis)


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