PHD Environment and Resilience Management

Program level: 


Program starts every semester.




Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters



The essence of doctoral program on  Environment and Resilient Management the College of Urban Development & Engineeringis basically the development of the ability to conduct original research and extend the boundaries of knowledge areas in the thematic areas of environmental management and climate change resilience.

The general aim of the doctoral programme in environmental management and climate change resilience is to prepare scholars and researchers able to carry research to produce evidence based policy which helps to manage the challenges posed by climate change, environmental deterioration, natural resource depletion. specifically it aims to attain: 

  • to produce researchers capable to develop evidence-based policy and also be policy advisors
  • to produce the next generation of faculty members that can independently teach modules/courses, and engage in research, practice and supervision
  • to produce researchers qualified for R& D job sectors  

Thus, the programme will educate future advisers, educators and decision makers who will lead, support and advance interdisciplinary training, research and consultancy in environmental management and climate challenge.


Exit Level Outcomes

Graduate Profiles:  PhD  Environment and Resilient Management

The graduate students of this programme will be able to:

  • pursue, manage and lead scientific research on environmental sustainability and climate change resilience and forward context based sound recommendations to foster the green economy initiative of the country, alleviate and  end poverty  
  • advance knowledge and education concerning environmental sustainability,  climate change and resilience strategies to cope up with the adverse effects of climate change within the context of urban development through scholarly and applied research
  • advise policy makers with regard to policy led , institutional, financial and legal frameworks of environmental sustainability and climate change resilience
  • undertake professional real worldsustainable resource management and climate change resilient  projects in collaboration with local residents, public agencies, private consulting and construction firms and other private and non-profit organizations,
  • Ability to handle with uncertainty and conflict, solve problems, manage failure and also be keen to tap development opportunities; endowed with capability to deal with emerging environmental challenges  due to climate change
  • Have leadership skills and be cooperative in team work
  • Be endowed with high standard of integrity and professionalism.


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