ECSU Post - Holders

Chief University Executives

Prof. Fikre Dessalegn


Dr  Lemma Gudissa Angessa 

 Academic Affairs Vice President

Dr. Tadyose Menta    

Administration  and Development Vice President

Dr Alemayehu Debebe Mekonnen 

Research and Community Service Vice President


College Deans

Dr Degu Bekelle

College of Urban Development and Engineering

Dr Lemessa Baysa

 College of Finance, Management and Development

Dr T/Gebry Mruts

College of Leadership and Governance

Dr Tesfaye Abate

School of law


 College Vice Deans

Dr  Degu Bekele

Academic Vice Dean (College of Urban Development and Engineering)

Dr Abate Chekol

Research Vice Dean (College of Urban Development and Engineering)

Dr  Shimels Zewude

Research Vice Dean (College of Finance, Management and Development)

Asst.proff.Zigeju Samuel

  Academic Vice  Dean( College of Finance, Management and Development)

Dr Fissha Zelalem

Academic Vice  Dean( College of Leadership and Governance)

Dr  Tsega G/kirstos

Research Vice Dean( College of Leadership and Governance)


Department Heads

Dr. Abebe Abegaze

Department of Urban Planning and Development

Rahel Abebe

Department of Urban Engineering and Surveying

Kifle Tadesse

Department of Urban Land Development and Management

Azeb Solomon

Department of Urban Infrastructure and Transport Management

Yebichaye Dires

Department of Housing and Real Estate Property Management

Dr Mekonnen Maschal

Department of Environment and Climate Change

Mr Adbaru Tesfaye

Department of Public and Social Security Management

Dr Amanuel Kussia

Department of Development Economics and Management

Dr Mekonnen Mengistie 

Department of Public Financial Management and Accounting

Dr Rahel Jigi

Department of Tax and Customs Administration

Kidus Ejigu

Department of public Procurement and Assets Management

Ephrem Merga

Department of English Language

Assist. Prof. Mekonnen Eflinew

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Dr Hailemichael Tesfaye

Department of Development  Communication and Media Studies






















Dr Temesgen Birega

Academic Programs Directorate

Dr  Getachew Zeru

African Institute of Governance and Development

Dr Seifu Bekuretsion

Institute of leadership and Good Governance

Ato Endale Nugussie 

School of Diplomacy and International Relations

 Ass. Prof Selamawit W/Selassie

School of Policy Studies

Ato Mussie Mezegebu

School of Law and Federalism

W/ro Amlework wube

Library and Documentation Directorate

 Dr Abdu Muhammed

Registrar and ALUMNI Directorate

Dr Amsalu Bademo

School of Graduate Studies

Ato Endale Kebede

Continuing Education Coordination Office


Guidance and Counseling Unit

W/ro Beletu Tenagne

Administration and Students’ Service Vice President Office Directorate

W/ro Mulualem Adisu  

Students’ Service Directorate

Ato Mekonene Bedane

Human Resource  Management and  Development  Directorate

Mestawot Mesfin

Purchasing  Directorate

W/roTigist Feseha

Finance Directorate

 Ato Ewnetu Lemneh

Property Administration Directorate

Ato Gashaw zewde

General Service Directorate

Ato Daniel Basiliyos

Techniques  and Facilities Management Directorate

 Ato Wondimu Moges

Revenue Generation Directorate

Ato Daba Moti

Consultancy Service Coordination Directorate

W/ro Eden Bushira 

  Training  Service Coordination Directorate

Ato Sherfi Muzayen

Training Facilities and Hospitality Services  Coordination Directorate

 Ato Ababu Defere

Center for Policy, Leadership and Human Resource Training and Consultancy

W/ro Mahtem Mebratu

Center for Public Financial Management Training and Consultancy

Ato Zeleke Lerango

Center for Urban Management and Transformation Training and Consultancy

w/ro Seble Mulugeta

Center for Cross-cutting Issues Training and Consultancy

 Dr Zerhun Doda

Research and Publication Directorate

Assisatance prof. Tesfaye Teshome

Community Service Directorate

W/ro Mihret Kassa

Community Radio Service

Ato Amdework Birhane

AlumniUniversity-industrial Linkage Directorate


University Press


 W/ro Hana Abera

Printing  Service Directorate

Dr Mekonen Kassahun

Center for Research in Public Service Reforms

Dr  Mulugeta Worku

Center for Research in Ethics and Integrity

Ato Aynabeba Andualem

President’s Office Directorate

W/ro Selamawit T/Micheal

Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate

Dr Abrhame  Hagos

Institutional Planning and Assessment Directorate

Ato Wondumu Ayana

Internal Audit Directorate

Ato Tariku Ayano

International and Public Relations Coordination Directorate

Ato  Tesfaye Molla

Quality Assurance Directorate

 Ato Matiyas Sisay

Reform and Good Governance Office

Ato Zinabe Tadesse

Gender and H IV AIDS Issues  Directorate

 Ato Alemu Sisay

Projects Coordination Directorate

Ato Yitbarek Ibrahim

Information Technology Directorate

W/ro Hiwot Debebe

Legal Service Directorate



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