MSc Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

4 semesters


Civil Service University has taken measures to realise modular system  for all masters programme including degree in Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management Programme(MA in UIPM). This particular draft hand book is prepared based on  the need  assessment of the stakeholders and experiences from academic institutions both from Ethiopia and other countries, conducted previously by the ECSU for the carriculum development of the programme, to satisfy the current need for higher level capacity building of urban professionals in the country.

The registered development (double digit GDP growth and rapid urbanization) of the country demands  higher level urban Infrastructure Management professionals in Ethiopia. Therefore, this Masters Programme is expected to fill the aformentioned proffessionals shortage gap  to satisfy urban customers by realising effective and efficient urban infrastructure provision and management system in all urban areas of Ethiopia. The Masters Degree Programme modularisation in Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management / ማስተርስዲግሪበከተማመሠረተልማትአቅርቦትናአስተዳደር/ envisages strengthening and capacitating the participants so as to effectively and efficiently address development efforts,for infrastructure is major sector of growth. This modularisation would bridge critical skilled manpower gap in urban infrastructure provision and management in Ethiopia and would contributto mitigate challenges and sustain  the achievements of the country’s development efforts.

The programme is structured into eleven (11) modules to be taken by participants, through a semester system in two yearsof four semesters. Three semesters comprise of four (4) different modules and the last semester comprise of three modules and  thesis writing.

Prerequisites & Requirements

  1. Should pass an entrance examination conducted by the ECSU
  2. Should have a minimum CGPA of 2.00
  3. Must have had a minimum of two years experience in the Public Service after
  4. Should have a bachelor degree
  5. Must follow the application procedure determined by the Registrar Officeof the ECSU.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Identify key challenges and problems related  to Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management.
  • Understand major problems related to demand, supply and feasibility of Urban Infrastructure projects.
  • Apply Best Practices, skills, tools and techniques for the Planning, Implementation and management of Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management.
  • Apply Municipal Asset management software for the record keeping, Planning, operation and maintenance of Urban Infrastructure.
  •  Analyze tools and methods of effective and efficient  Urban Infrastructure Provision and ManagementPolicies.
  • Analyze Urban Infrastructure Provision and Management issues in a broader context with in legal, Political, and Socio- Economic framework of the nation.
  • Analyze Urban Infrastructure Provision and Managementin the context of Eco-Efficiency and climate change.
  • Apply appropriate M&E tools aligned with Strategic Planning for Urban Infrastructure programmes plans and projects.\
  • Design efficient and innovative management mechanism for Urban Infrastructure Provision tackling contemporary issues like PPP, community participation urban customer satisfaction problems.

Individual Clients

  • Students/Participants

Other stakeholders

  • Urban dwellers


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