Classification and Cataloging

The Library uses the following standard Classification and Cataloguing Tools

  • Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2) for Cataloguing.
  • Sears’ List of Subject Headings, to assign Subject Headings.
  • Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), to Classify books and other resources.

Borrowing Policy for Staff

  • Full-time teaching staff members are provided 6 book-pockets.
  • Full time administrative staff members are eligible for 2 book pockets.

Borrowing Policy for Students

  • All regular students who agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the library can be members after filling out the membership card on the circulation desk.
  • First Degree Students are allowed to take 2 book pockets,
  • Masters Students are allowed to take 4 books pockets and
  • PHD students are allowed to take 5 book pockets for two weeks’ time and they should return or renew the books after two weeks. However, renewal will be effectuated provided that other users do not require the books.
  • If a book is overdue, members may renew it after paying the overdue fines in full.
  • Short term training participants may use the library for spot readings only.

Borrowing Policy for External Users

  • Ethiopian Civil Service University library gives opportunity for external users to use the library. Nevertheless, such users must be sponsored by their respective organization. The respective user should have to pay the annual fee of birr 500.00.

Borrowing Policy for Others

  • Users who come from libraries, which have established an inter-library loan agreement with our library, may use the library by presenting a letter of introduction from their respective head of their libraries. Users who come from other organizations with a letter of recommendation may be allowed upon the approval of the library.

Borrowing Procedures

  • All borrowers should produce valid library book pockets.
  • All books except those on the reserve shelf can be borrowed with book-pockets.
  • Books on the reserve shelf and in the documentation, center should be borrowed with ID. Cards only.
  • Members of the academic staff are entitled to borrow a maximum of 6 books at a time for one term and they should return or renew them at the end of every term. Renewal is possible provided other users have not placed a hold on the book(s).
  • Short term training participants are allowed to use the library for reading and they may also use the library materials they need inside the library only.
  • New books cannot be checked out until the technical processing is completed.
  • Books and documents below two copies may not be borrowed but they may be photocopied when deemed necessary.
  • Reference materials cannot be checked out from the library.
  • Registered members are allowed to use the libraries for reading, borrowing materials and other purposes abiding to the rules and regulations of the library.
  • When checking out a reserved book for one hour, one should fill on the reserve book card completely.
  • Materials may be put on hold or stop for 3 days. The user has to fill out the stop form. If the items are not checked out within this time, then the book(s) may be loaned to another user or be put back on the shelf.
  • Instructors may place reserve items (books) on the reserve shelf by filing out the reserve form prepared for this purpose. Usually, reserve materials must be used in the library; however, the instructor placing the material on the reserve shelf may authorize overnight circulation except for permanently reserved ones. Faculties, departments or the individual instructor should suggest whether to retain or withdraw materials on hold or reserve.


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