BA Developmental Management

Program level: 

Credits (ECTS): 



Program starts every year, first semester.



Duration in semesters: 

7 semesters


The Ethiopian government has been relentlessly working to improve the living standards of the society by enhancing socioeconomic development.  To facilitate the process of development, it has undertaken radical reforms in economic policies, institutional structure and civil services in line with the changing global economic systems.  The efforts of the federal and regional states to benefit from the fruits of the reforms depend mainly on the availability of qualified human resources in each sector of the economy to enhance efficient resource use management and for appropriate policy formulation. Success in implementation of the reforms to promote development in the country would hardly be possible without adequate well-trained personnel.
For this purpose, the first step should naturally be identifying skill gaps in the areas that have greatest relevance and urgent demand in line with the changing global and national policy directions to improve the well being of the society through social and economic development. In this regard, shortage of skilled human power in the area of Development Management in Ethiopia is found to be appreciably critical. Thus, the then Ethiopian Civil Service University, cognizant of the need for initiating such programs, has committed itself to launch the program. 
Development management is a very large and growing sub-discipline of management. Since it is concerned with the development management problems of the public sectors, it is one of the most important fields of management.  It is also a complex field which has been approached by scholars using different approaches, involving different definitions of development, different methods of analysis, different views of how management function, and different recipes of what should be done to bring about development. There are indeed many ways of considering contemporary issues in development management  These can be looked at from the perspective of management backwardness of` the public sector in terms of policy failures and/or implementation failures or resources inadequacy and/or sub-optimality in the allocation of resources in the public sectors. 
Hence, the program that is run by University is so critical in terms of contributing to the development process that the country is heading to. 

Prerequisites & Requirements

Minimum criteria for regular admission:

  1. Completion of preparatory program obtaining the necessary pass marks.
  2. Admission maybe granted to candidates who completed their secondary school in foreign countries on the basis of equivalent achievement that can be determined by the ministry of education.
  3. A pass grade in certificate of competence assessment as per cut-off- points set by the MoE for the year for TVET graduates who have served at least for two years.
  4. Recommendation from the employing Region/Federal office. 5. Passing of entrance assessment of the university taking the Regional disparities into account.

Exit Level Outcomes

  • Plan, organize, lead and control resources for development projects, programs at operational level;
  • Assess the performance of development activities (provide efficient, effective and ethical public service);
  • Assist senior managers and administrators in policy formulation, project planning and designing, and decision making as well as coordination of resources;
  • Consider the linkage between environment and development in different development related decisions;
  •  Satisfy the growing need of good governance and put its principles into practices;
  • Apply gender concepts and principles in development programs;
  •  Use economic concepts and tools in managerial decision- making.

Individual Clients

Public Servants

Other stakeholders

Ministry of Civil Service, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


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