Gender and HIV AIDS Prevention and Control Executive

Background of Gender and HIV/AIDS Issues Directorate

Gender and HIV/AIDS Issued Directorate is established in 2017 as per the newly introduced organizations structure of the Ethiopian Civil Service University (ECSU). The directorate is accountable to the President Office of the University and it is mandated to coordinate the mainstreaming of Gender and HIV/AIDS issues in the education, training, consultancy, and research and community services of the University. Tracking the extent to which females are equally contributing and benefit from all endeavors of the University is one of the reasons for the establishment of the Directorate. The other reason for the establishment of the Directorate is to mobilize the University’s community and other stakeholders on the prevention and control of HIV and AIDS, respectively.    

Duties and Responsibilities of Gender and HIV/AIDS Issues Directorate  

  • Identify challenges faced by female students and staff of the University and provide/suggest solutions; 
  • Work with the concerned bodies of the University  and other stakeholders to mainstream gender and HIV/AIDS issues in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs, projects, plans, procedures, budgets, policies , curriculum  etc of the University,
  • Raise the awareness of students and other members of the University on gender, and HIV/AIDS issues through trainings, seminars, workshops, event day celebrations  etc.
  • Follow up and coordinate support services such as tutorial and others provided to female students,; 
  • Work on different gender-related and HIV/AIDS issues raised by students and staff and report to relevant offices, take appropriate actions and follow up progress; 
  • Motivate best scorer female students through  awards/recognitions schemes,  
  • Provide training for female students on assertiveness, stress management, study skills and others,
  • Create networking with other stakeholders within and outside the University, which are working on the areas of gender and HIV/AIDS,
  • Encourage the University’s community to provide care and support for those who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS,
  • Coordinate HIV prevention efforts of the University, 
  • Provide psycho-social support for female  students, staff as well as  HIV positives ; with special attention to female students coming from emerging regions,
  • Carry out research activities on various aspects of gender and HIV/AIDS issues  HIV/AIDS prevention 
  • Flow up the implementation of affirmative action in admission of female students, recruitment, and promotion of academic and administrative staff, respectively,

Staff Members of the Direcorate

  • Ato Znabe Tadesse:  Director



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