Administration and Development

Students' Service Dean


To support the success and the effectiveness of the core businesses of the University, namely, Teaching-Learning processes, Research and Consultancy services, the Office of Student Services provides appropriate, effective and efficient services for the University regular students.

Collaborating with sub - service giving sections, the Office plans, organizes, controls, follows, and guides the implementation of the services given to the students.

The Office including the service giving sections incorporates 255 staff members.

Services offered by the Office

  • Catering
  • Residential services / Lodging
  • Health service
  • Sport and recreation services
  • Sanitary service
  •  Store service
  • Administrative Team

 Student life

Student life at ECSU is exciting as well as challenging. Obviously, returning to study for civil servants who have been away from schooling for an extended period of time cannot be expected to be easy, although they benefit from their previous work experience.

Accordingly, welcoming civil servants of diversified background and working closely with them, the University provides wide and stimulating opportunities that help them develop the ability and confidence to sustain their studies and make their whole University experience enjoyable. The possibility for realizing their maximum personal as well as academic and professional potential is also significant.

The big Auditorium complex found in the main campus has a number of comfortable seats, air-conditioning, and sound system specially constructed for meetings, seminars, workshops and trainings. And it is open for interested clients.

Through their studies and the management of their own learning, they will have the opportunity to be armed with the essential skills, strategies and attitude necessary to survive at the University and be successful in the work place

Student Catering Services

  • Propose and select food items from bid samples
  • Preparing meal menu
  • Distribute food items
  • Food preparation
  • Present the cuisine and host the students
  • Follow, control and guide the implementation of services, and
  • Submit implementation reports

Residential services / Lodging

  • Organizing
  • Accommodating
  • Assigning
  • Controlling the property of the University
  • Keeping discipline around student residences
  • Distributing student mails
  • Giving withdraw paper for students? personal properties
  • Overlooking students withdrawal from campuses
  • Submit performance reports


There is accommodation available for both long and short term students at the main campus. Bedrooms are shared and there are communal bathrooms. One of the cafeterias is located at the accommodation site.


The University has cafeteria and restaurant facilities for students and staff at the CMS road campus and the Kotebe campus. The food available is local and foreign. Prices are set with students budgets in mind.

Students Health Service

  • Admit patients
  • Examine the patient
  • Purchase of drugs
  • Hand out drugs to patients
  • Provide laboratory examination services
  • Refer the patient to the hospital for higher medical service
  • Giving medical certificate
  • Store drugs
  • Offer disease prevention education to students
  • Control the neatness of residential and catering areas
  • Submit the health Service Performance Report to the sub - city Health Department.

Sport and Recreational Service

  • Give physical exercises
  • Organize and lead inter departmental sport competitions between the University students
  • Select better students and recommend for sport trainings
  • Organize competitions with higher educational institutions
  • Facilitate educational and recreational films and theaters
  • Submit the Sport and Recreational Services Performance Report to the Student Directorate

Sanitary Service

  • The sanitary service team provides  sanitary service for the student restaurant and the compound.
  • Submit the Sanitary Services Performance Report to the Student Services Directorate

Store keeping Service

  • The  store keeping service team provides the service to facilitate the Catering department service
  • Receive and store raw materials
  • Store & keep food items
  • Submit performance reports to the Student Services Directorate

Administrative Team

  • The Administrative team under take all the administration activity of the Directorate.

                                                                                                   Staff Members


Full Name

Academic Rank

                          Contact Address

Office Location

Telephone Direct



  e-mail Address


Mulualem Addisu


Main Campus

011646 0120




Solomon Teshome

Health Service coordinator

Main Campus






Bezawit Solomon

Food Facility coordinator

Main Campus





Genet Sisay

Food Facility coordinator

Main Campus





Meseret Tilaye

Sanitation Service coordinator

Main Campus

011646 0120



6 Embet Worku Sanitation Service coordinator Main Campus 011646 0120    


Desta Gebeyehu

Store Service coordinator

Main Campus

011646 0120



Fanaye Abera

Lodging Service coordinator

Main Campus

011646 0120



9 Yitbarek Seifu Sport and Recreational Service Main Campus 011646 0120    



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