Administration and Development

Human Resource Management and Development Directorate


The Human resources management Process is one of the supportive Business process. It has the following objectives:-

  • To fulfill the gap of human Resource of the University.
  • To support the education, research, training and consultancy business process.
  • To identify the existing problems, assumption that underline the existing HRM business process; and design a new way for HRM business process
  • To upgrade the status of the University human resource.
  • To monitor and advice other business process by fulfilling their gap of human resource.

Activities: The main activities of the HRM Business Process are:

Human resource planning

  • Deriving the specific number and qualities of human resource from University  strategic plan
  • Determining human resource need of PU
  • Asses the existing staff level (quality and quantity ) Comparing the existing or current employee with human resource need to identify the shortage and surplus of HR.
  • Forecasting HR supply ( internal and external source of supply)
  • Reconciling or programming the HR need and supply Discussing with PU on the planed program
  • Notifying the plan
  • Human resource Fulfillment
    • Recruitment:
      • Recruitment plan
      • Internal recruitment
        • Promotion
        • Transfer
        • Former employee
      • External recruitment
        • Advertising
        • Employee referrals
        • Employment exchange
        • From previous applicant
        • Campus recruitment
  • Selection
  • Orientation and placement


    • Education and training
    • Performance appraisal (BSC)
    • Retirement number notification process
    • Record keeping
    • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
    • Grievance handling


    In the form of:-

    • Retirement
    • Resignation
    • Dismissal or Discharge
      • Disciplinary case
      • Poor performance result
    • Lay-off

    Monitoring and advisory role:

    • Designing and developing manuals, guideline, and formats for HRM activities
    • Set standards of performance appraisal
    • Following up and review the ongoing activities of Hr businesses performed by process units and taking the necessary supportive action
    • Carry out HR research on managing human resource Providing necessary advice for top management and process units


    • Has developed the HRM Soft ware
    • Some tasks are decentralized to give customer satisfaction
    • Empowered certain HRM Activities to institute
    • Awareness is created in relation to change management and BPR.
    • Provided speedy and quality service to customers (High customer satisfaction)
    • Fulfilled the gap of human resources



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