Graduate Program Directorate

The School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in line with the University mission and vision has the objectives to build the capacity of the Ethiopian public service through specialized education, training, consultancy, research and community services by coordinating the and assisting Colleges under the University.

The School of Graduate Studies has been entrusted duties and responsibilities as provided by the provisions of the University Senate Legislation 2017 which include among others:   

  1. Offer, through the colleges, graduate programs and research leading to the degrees of Master of Arts (MA.), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Laws (LLM), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and other post-graduate diplomas;
  2. May offer, as conditions permit, such programs of study and research leading to postgraduate and post-doctoral diplomas in both regular and continuing education programs.
  3. Develop and propose guidelines, quality standards, manuals and formats that ensure the harmonized and standardized offering of graduate programs as well as the preparation and examination of proposals, theses and dissertations;
  4. Ensure that graduate programs are delivered by colleges as per the guidelines, quality standards, manuals and formats of the University;
  5. Approve the assignment of external and internal examiners proposed by colleges;
  6. Approve research budgets for thesis and dissertation;
  7. Assist colleges in organizing defense sessions in a harmonized manner;
  8. Keep records of the process and outcomes of examinations and a database of external examiners;
  9. Publish annually an abstract of best thesis and dissertation;
  10. Present the annual plan and budget of the SGS to the AVP;
  11. Ensure effective implementation of the policies and guidelines laid down by the Senate for the proper administration of graduate programs and research;
  12. Take appropriate actions in consultation with the respective DGC on recommendations with regard to graduate programs or other academic matters;
  13. Issue, in consultation with the Registrar, directives pertaining to registration, record keeping, and the like for graduate programs and ensure their implementation;
  14. Submit to the AVP monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
  15. Receive recommendations for the strengthening and development of existing programs or for commencement of new ones and carry out any other tasks that foster the development of graduate studies in the University as per the recommendation and the approval of the Senate;
  16. Study and recommend the initiation of inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary graduate programs; and
  17. Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the AVP. 

The School of Graduate Studies since its establishment in March 2011 until the Ethiopian academic year 2010 (2017/18) has graduated 26 students with PhD degree in three PhD programs of Urban Planning and Development, Public Management, and Public Financial management. The SGS has organized doctoral dissertation of two students in December 2017. 

With the new restructuring of the University into three Colleges, namely the College of Urban Development and Engineering (CUDE), College of Finance, Management and Development (CFMD), College of Leadership and Governance (CLG); all the PhD programs have been transferred to the colleges since April 2107.  However the SGS has been given direction to continue coordinating the research activities of the senior batch PhD students (Intake 2015/16). The SGS has successfully organized and coordinated the proposal defense of 33 PhD candidates in six PhD programs (additionally three new PhD programs: Sustainable Environment, and Climate Change Resilience, Urban Regional Studies, and Mobility and Infrastructure Planning and Management) involving 12 external examiners through defense sessions covering 10 days. After the completion of the PhD proposal defense the academic management of the PhD programs has been transferred to the Colleges since April 2018.

In the Ethiopian Academic Year 2011 (2018/19) there are about 5270 students pursuing their graduate studies -  5200 students  in masters program in regular, extension, weekend and summer programs; and 70 students  in PhD programs. Females account 25.4 per cent of the total number of graduate students.  The School of Graduate Studies has been facilitating the coordinated and smooth operation of the programs by preparing policy guidelines, ordinance, manuals and roadmaps for graduate research. So far the following guidelines have been prepared.

  1. Policy Guideline for Graduate Research (Sept. 2017)
  2. Ordinance for Doctoral Programs (July 2017)
  3. Formatting Guideline for PhD dissertation (January 2018)
  4. Manual for Masters’ Research Proposal and Thesis Writing (Sept. 2017)
  5. Guideline on Handling Appeals on Master’s Thesis Grade (July 2018)
  6. Guideline for settling research budget accounts (  )

The following codes and strategies are under progress:

  1. Code of supervision (for PhD programs)
  2. Code of Advising (for masters programs)
  3. Strategies for enhancing academic vibrancy (incl. Academic seminar)

The guidelines mentioned under 1-4 have been endorsed by the Council of Graduate Studies in April 2018.  In addition to these guidelines SGS is promoting the establishment of the following knowledge facilities:

  1. Research Schools on specific relevant research fields
  2. Urban Lab (under the College of Urban Development & Engineering)
  3. Statistical Advisory Service
  4. Smart class rooms

Contact person

Dr. Amsalu Bedamo





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