Development Project Management: Experiences of Urban Local Governments in Oromia-Ethiopia

TitleDevelopment Project Management: Experiences of Urban Local Governments in Oromia-Ethiopia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsWedajo, D, Serbeh-Yiadom, KC, Asfaw, M
JournalJournal of Environment and Earth Science
ISSNISSN 2224-3216
Keywordsdevelopment project, Local Government, Project Management
The Urban Local Government Development Project (ULGDP) program, launched in 2008 in Ethiopia’s major
cities, is coming to an end, and there is considerable debate on whether or not the projected impact on local
government management of development projects would be realized. The paper examines the performance of the
local governments involved in managing the ULGDP and was guided by the following question: How effective
are urban local governments [ULGs] in managing development projects and what managerial/organizational
challenges affect their performance? Basically, data and results from an ongoing doctoral research study were
relied on substantially in writing this paper. Additional collaborative information was obtained by interviewing
professional staff at all tiers of government regularly concerned or involved with the execution of local projects,
and focus group citizenry. Preliminary findings of that study are quite revealing in the sense that while ULGs are
commended for their performance in the areas of building infrastructures and providing municipal services to the
community, despite quality control issues, the picture is not good in the areas of management and administration.
There is abundant evidence of poor performance in the dissemination of annual budgets, project approval
procedures, expenditure tracking, audit accounting, and sharing procurement results with the general public.
Moreover, the revenue mobilization capacity of municipalities and budget allocation for operation and
maintenance is not satisfactory. The paper concludes that ineffective resource management, organizational
structures and administrative procedures are directly responsible for the poor state of affairs and recommends
reforms in accordance with the mandate of local government. Largely, it calls for the establishment of modern
management systems within the local government structure. The paper is structured into five parts as follows;
introduction, the literature review, the methodology, results/discussion and conclusion.


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