Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Training Topic:                      Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

Objectives of the training:     At the end of the training program participants will:

  • be familiarized with the basic concept of strategic planning and management:
  • understand benefits of strategic approach in managing an organization:
  • know the foundations of strategic planning and management.
  • be familiarized  with the overall view of planning:
  • be able to understand types of plan in organizations and also how do organizations actually plan
  • get an overall view of what monitoring as well as evaluation is:
  • understand who will monitor and how monitoring is to be undertaken
  • explain the process of evaluation.
  • be provided with the basic concepts of reporting:
  • be equipped with the content and timing of report and
  • explain the concept of feedback.

Contents of the training:        Strategy related definitions and concept, the concept of planning, the foundations of strategic planning and management, the inter-linkage and dependence between planning, monitoring and evaluation, types of plan in organizations. The concept of monitoring as well as evaluation, the process of evaluation, the concept of reporting and feedback.

Duration:                                6 days                         

Target Audience:                    Participants of the training are top, middle and lower level leaders and professionals of federal and regional public sector organizations.

The mode of delivery:            The training will be interactive based on group work, exercises, case studies related to organizational and self-experiences of trainees. In each case, effort is made to relate the concept to the Ethiopian situation and challenges of planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting on the ground.


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